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More Reviews For Cendrine Marrouats Photography Books

June 1st, 2016

More Reviews For Cendrine Marrouats Photography Books

Cendrine Marrouat is the author of two photography books, which have both received excellent reviews.

- "When the Mind Travels: A Poetic Journey into Photography" (2015)

"This amazing book blazed a new trail by brilliantly and expertly mixing poetic flourishes written by Cendrine with photographic accompaniment from travels across the world. The result is truly breathtaking making this a must read for any photography or poetry lover in your life. Beauty on paper." - James Hamel (

"Cendrine Marrouat is one of the most gifted photographers I have ever come across, her images are like visual poems in themselves. As the author of many books Cendrine has shown she is a woman of many talents but by mixing some of her most breathtaking images and contrasting them with a related piece of her poetry is an idea that redefines mixed media art. Gorgeously breathtaking from beginning to end, this...